How To: Frighteningly Good Bloody Talons

If you want to create some scarily good nail art this Halloween then follow this step by step guide to get yourself some blood dripping fingertips.

  • Step 1: Paint your nails with a base colour of your choice, preferably a light-ish colour.
  • Step 2: Dip a bobby pin into red nail varnish and then apply an uneven coat to the tips of your nails to create a blood dripping effect.
  • Step 3: Then apply a lighter red varnish on top to create a more bloody effect.
  • Step 4: Apply a top coat so it lasts longer and adds a finishing shine.

 These look really effective and will add a frightening finish to any costume!

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th 2012


How To: Gruesome Nail Art

Gruesome drip nail art…not for the faint-hearted. This design works well with all nail colours but for a Halloween spin we opted for a classic black and gruesome green –  a red would work bloody well too though!

Want to know how to get this ? First of all, paint your base. Then using the drip colour, overload the brush with the polish until it is ready to drip and let it drip its way down your nail.  Repeat a few times per nail and try different amounts of drips of polish per nail for a realistic look. 

Posted on Tuesday, October 16th 2012