How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

A perfectly defined eyebrow is a beauty procedure that should not be overlooked.  It can be a tricky one: what colour, what shape and how big? Luckily our beauty experts reveal all the insider’s tips to get the perfect brow.

  1. Rule Number One: Your eyebrows should begin in the corner of your eye, in line with the edge of your nostril.  Use a eyeliner to line up your nostril with the beginning of your eyebrow to judge where this is.
  2. Rule Number Two: Never pluck your eyebrows from the top, only from underneath!
  3. Rule Number Three: Fill in your brows with an eyeshadow and an angled brush.
  4. Rule Number Four: Use clear mascara to set the shape!

There you have it, the perfect eyebrow!

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