The history of the Kimono

Originally, ‘Kimono' was the Japanese word for clothing. In more recent years, the word now refers specifically to traditional dress. 

Known as the straight-line cut method, pieces of fabric would be cut in straight lines and sewn together - in this way, kimono makers didn’t concern themselves with the shape of the wearer’s body.


Over time, people paid attention to how kimonos of differ in colour, mixing them into what was probably the first example of colour-blocking!

Contemporary fashion has had heady influence on the catwalk. Seen a waterfall cardigan? Or a styled wrap dress - or a kaftan? These are just some of the clothes, worn by the fashion fabulous everyday. 

Today the kimono-style is perfect with its simple neckline, sleek lines and the classic belted style that allows you to cinch in your waist and, if you are wearing a longer piece, create a long curve from waist to hip.

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