RosieGlow: DIY Dip Dye Jumper

From dip-dyed skirts to ombre hair, the dip-dye trend has been everywhere this season, and it’s still going strong for Autumn. Luckily, it’s also a perfect easy DIY technique to update your wardrobe with! I’ve been seeing some gorgeous dip-dyed jumpers around that are taking the trend into the colder months, so on today’s DIY I thought I’d share my super-easy tips to make your own at home. This is a perfect way to add a splash of individuality to one of this season’s jumpers so I went for one of my favourite boohoo jumpersThe Tori Studded Cross Sweat Top

What do you need?

  • All you need is a bucket or bowl, a pair of rubber loves, some fabric dye in whatever colour you fancy (I chose Dylon dye in Goldfish Orange for a bit of a neon hit), 250g salt and the jumper of your choice (although make it a light colour so the dye will show up, and check the label for the fabric type as anything with too much polyester won’t hold the dye)

1.       Don’t forget to wear your rubber gloves for this whole tutorial – trust me, your dip-dyed jumper might look catwalk-ready, but dip-dyed hands won’t!!

2.       Mix the packet of dye with 500ml of warm water (check the back of the packet for instructions as amounts may vary). I did this in an old plastic bottle, which I’d recommend as it makes it easy to create the ombre effect as you’ll see in a moment.

3.       Next, fill your bucket with 5-6 litres of warm water (again, check the packet for the amount) and mix in the salt.

4.       Then, tip in roughly one third of the bottle of dye and mix thoroughly. This will create your first dye-wash, the lightest colour.

5.       Dip in however much of the jumper you want dyed – I went for the whole bottom half of the jumper, but you can do more or less depending on the effect you want! I’d recommend clipping the top of the jumper on a skirt hanger to make this easier – it will weigh down the half of the jumper you don’t want to dye and make sure it doesn’t slip into the bucket! Leave for 5-10 minutes for the dye to take.

6.       Remove the jumper, making sure you don’t get any dye on the non-coloured half, then add half of the rest of the bottle of dye to the bucket and stir. This will create your second darkest wash.

7.       Dip in the jumper again, but this time only dip about half of the area you have already dyed to create the ombre effect. Leave for 5-10 minutes.

8.       Repeat the last two steps, adding the rest of the bottle of dye and in this third wash, only dip the bottom couple of inches on the jumper into the mixture for 5-10 minutes.

9.       Remove the jumper from the dye, wring out (making sure not to drip onto the non-dyed portion!) and rinse the dyed area in cold water until all excess dye has run off. Then handwash and dry as normal.

And ta-dah! Your dip-dyed jumper is complete! What do you think of my finished design? Once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s easy to get lots of different designs by mixing up the colours or dip-dyeing different parts of your clothes (eg. Dye one leg of a pair of shorts a different colour, or dip-dye the collar of a shirt?) After this one, I feel like I want to dip dye everything I own! Happy dye-ing!

Thanks Rosie, we love it!

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