Hyperculture: Q and A with our Head Stylist

Our head stylist, Liz explains Hyperculture so that we can all get our heads around the craziest trend of the season and tells us why it is one of her favourite trends this season!

  1. Describe Hyperculture in three words..

Harajuko, happy and…hyper

2. Which key designers have influenced this trend this season and in the past?

This is a very London trend sparked by Louise Gray and Meadham Kirchhoff - heavily influenced by street kids, club kids and japanese styling.  Hitting the 90s rave trend alongside clashing prints and intense colours this trend is of the zeitgeist and is ultimately a very girly and feminine trend - saved from being sickly sweet or hilarious with clever styling and worn with an attitude. It’s like playing 
dress up in real life and just having fun.

3. What would you say the three key pieces for this trend are?

It’s not so much about key pieces but the combinations of key pieces that make the trend what it is.  Oversized garments are balanced by miniatures pieces.  Wear a huge sweatshirt with hotpants or a cropped bralet with loose joggers.  A clunky shoe never hurts- the thicker the heel the better.  More is more when it comes to styling and don’t underestimate the power of layering up your jewellery.  Boohoo have some amazing earcuffs which completely nail this look.  Crosses, crucifixes, chain, hoops- the more you mix it up and mismatch the more hyper your look.

4. If you are subtle styler, which key piece should you invest in?

I would go for layering your jewellery- try wearing rings on every finger or having earcuffs up your ear.  Adding flashes of neon to your look via belts and nails will also instantly nod to the trend.  Throwing a hoodie on over your dress and heels is also a quick, easy and effective way to give your look the cool hyperculture effect
Its all about the contradictions.

5. What’s the key to clashing your prints?

When it comes to clashing your prints, everything you shouldn’t put together, you should!  You can be as brave as you like, one way is to mix a patterned jacket and skirt, trouser which match with a clashing blouse meaning you still look very ‘put together’ or you could really go for it using prints which practically jar in completely different patterns and pallettes. I find when you’re not sure if something clashes in a good way or not taking a picture on your phone and looking at it as an image usually answers your own questions.  It’s also important to pick out key colours from your prints and use them in a block form in your look, whether its a bag, a shoe or even your lip colour. This just holds the outfit together and reassures people you have clashed your look on purpose!

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