The Perfect Fake Tan

With this drab weather, we all need a pick me up and what better than finding the perfect fake tan so we can all at least pretend we have been enjoying warmer climes.  So we tried out four fake tans at a range of prices to see which is the best of the bunch to give you that bronzed look!

  1. Xen Tan at £28.99 is hardly a steal!  However, the dark tinted lotion makes application easy and it sinks into the skin quickly, leaving it feeling soft. The tan itself, if maintained with daily moisturizing, lasts up to 8 days but without lasts 4 days max before going patchy. Because the formula has almond oil in, it smells delicious on application but becomes generally odorless once washed off. As it sells itself as a dark formula, the colour was a little disappointing. However, saying that, many commented on how natural the tan looked.  All in all a great tan.  However if you are looking for a more reasonably tan fix, read on… 
  2. Next up, at £12.50, No7 Quick Dry Tinted Lotion was very reasonably priced.  Application was really easy as the tan is tinted so you can see where you have missed. The tan itself, lasted well and didn’t come off in patches. It came out as a lovely dark brown tan with no orange tones and  had a great fragrance. The tan washed off hands easily after application and didn’t stain so no need to worry about using gloves. Definitely a good buy!
  3. The Sunkissed fake tan at £4.84 was by far the cheapest of all the tans.  It was fairly easy to apply and lasted until you washed it off – impressive considering the small price tag. Surprisingly it smelt pretty good as well, a bit like coconut, not like the generic fake tan odour. The colour was quite dark but appeared rather natural when used sparingly! This tan isn’t too bad, ideal for those in between tan application days, when you’re looking a little pale and need an instant boost of colour.
  4. In last place came Ambre Solaire, No Streaks Quick Drying Fake Tan. At £7.66, this tan was very disappointing.  It definitely does NOT do what it says on the tin! It claimed to be quick drying but it was quite the opposite.  Application was smooth but wiped off easily but when it finally dried it gave a streak free dark tan. However the colour did become much more natural after a shower.  The tan, unfortunately didn’t last very long and left skin patchy after just a few days! 

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