BOOM NAILS: Gothic Cat Tutorial

BOOM NAILS has done it again!  Our friends over at BOOM NAILS have put together a simple step by step nail art tutorial so you too can get gothic cat nails.  Perfect to team with leather leggings and a cross print tee, read on to find out how.  

 What you will need:

  • Gold polish
  • Glitter polish
  • Black nail art pen
  • White nail art pen
  • Small gems (from a craft shop)
  • Top coat
  1. Start off by doing a gold base coat. 
  2. Then use a fine glitter polish over the gold. You can use any glitter you have or think would work well
  3. Now use your black nail art pen to carefully draw an outline of a cat’s head on the bottom of your nail
  4. Fill the cat head in with your black pen. I use the nib end to slowly dot over the whole area I want to fill in, but if you find it easier to use the brush end then do that
  5. Now for the cat’s nose and mouth. Use your white nail art pen to draw a tiny upside down triangle for the cat’s nose
  6. Draw a little mouth from the bottom of the triangle
  7. Now do the whiskers! They’re pretty simple - just three straight lines on each side going from the nose to the edge of the face
  8. Now do a topcoat. Use something nice and glossy such as Seche Vite - but only on ONE nail at a time.  This is because for the eyes you use two tiny little gems - but the gems will be stuck on using the topcoat - so if you do them all at once some of them might already be dry by the time you go to stick the eyes on!  
  9. So stick your gems on each cat where the eyes would be and voila, gothic kitty cats on your nails 

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