RosieGlow: DIY Cap-Toe Shoes

One of our favourite bloggers has done it again and come up with an easy step by step guide to getting the hottest shoe trend this season, the metallic cap-toe shoe.

Over to Rosie: Since Louis Vuitton send them down his Spring/Sumer catwalk earlier this year, cap-toe shoes have been the top of every fashionista’s summer shoe list. The look is simple but effective, and it’s super-easy to create yourself as a fab way to give new life to some of those old flats hidden away at the back of your wardrobe!

This would work with any style of shoe – ballet pumps, pointed toes, heels or flats but I decided to go for a pair of slipper style shoes in a pastel shade, in true Louis Vuitton style 

I chose Boohoo’s pistachio coloured slippers and went for a silver metallic cap toe, although this would just as easily work with a colour pop, neon or gold metallic toe. The rest was easy.

There are different ways to create a DIY cap toe, but I went for the quickest and easiest: using fabric spray paint. The only tricky part is making sure you cover your shoes in masking tape to create the area that will get sprayed. Here’s some simple instructions to create the look:

1.       Decide how big you want the cap toe area to be and start covering the rest of the shoe in masking tape, starting with one horizontal line to mark the end of the toe cap. Make sure there are no gaps and try and get the tape as flat as possible to avoid paint getting through any gaps! Measure the length of the cap toe on your first shoe to help make sure the two shoes are even!

2.       Cover the rest of the shoes (including the inside) in newspaper, so only the area you want spray-painted is showing.

3.       Spray on your paint (best to do this outside and with the shoes on top of some newspaper to protect the floor!) from a slight distance of 20-30cm to get a gradual and even coverage with no marks or drips. Make sure not to miss the edges of the shoes!

4.       Once completely dry, carefully remove all the newspaper and then peel off the masking tape to reveal the original colour of the shoes surrounding the toe cap.

It really is that simple! In no time at all, and only a few quid for the fabric paint, you’ve discovered a way to glam up any old shoes in your wardrobe! I can’t wait to try out some new colours and styles.

I hope you liked this DIY post…good luck with your shoe creations!

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