Get ready to celebrate July 4th with Americana Nails

Celebrate Independence Day in style with Americana Nails from nail blogger boomnails

You will need -

Base coat

White nail polish

Blue nail polish

White nail art pen

Red nail art pen

Blue nail art pen

Top coat

Base coat

Paint the four fingers on your left hand white, two coats

Paint the four fingers on your right hand blue, two coats (as close as you can get to the blue in the American flag!)

For your thumbs, use your white nail polish to carefully paint three quarters of each nail white, as shown in the picture (that’s it for now, we’ll come back to this after the detail on the fingers)

The white fingernails (leave out your thumb!) on your left hand are going to be the stripes. Use your red nail art pen to carefully draw thin lines horizontally across each nail. Some people find it easier to use a brush to do stripes - if so that’s fine, just do whatever you find easiest

When you’ve done this, just fill in every other white gap with your red nail art pen

The nails on your right hand are going to be stars (again, leave out the thumb!)

Use your white nail art pen to very slowly and carefully draw a star (as small as you can) at the top of your nail.

Slowly work down the nail spacing the stars out a bit like bricks - so they look even across the nail.

If you find it tricky to do small stars, you could do less stars and make them a little bigger. Or just do one big star on each nail.

Now for the thumbs! Use your blue nail art pen to draw a blue line dividing one quarter of your nail from the three quarters of white.

Now fill in this little space with your blue nail polish.

When the blue is dry, get started on your stars! I did three stars on each thumb, but you can do more or less depending on what you think looks best.


Finish off with a good quality top coat like Seche Vite.


Happy Independence Day! x

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