The Best Body Butter

It may be a time-consuming activity but if you want to get silky soft skin, moisturizing is a necessary step to take.  Perfect for maintaining your holiday skin, we wanted to find the best body butter out there to keep our skin feeling soft and supple all summer long! 

  1. At £6.49, Good Things Ultra Rich Body Butter smelt amazing and left skin feeling really soft during the course of the day.  Perfect for normal to dry skin, this moisturiser absorbed really quickly without leaving any oily residue.  No fuss, great smell and great value for money, we loved this body butter!
  2. Ooh La Spa Moist at £1.99 is very affordable and excellent value for money. It is perfect for everyday use to keep your skin soft and smooth and also has a beautiful perfume which leaves your skin smelling fresh and fragrant. However if you have very dry skin and require something more intense, then this isn’t the moisturiser for you. It is perfect for those who have a regular moisturising regime and can’t afford the expensive labels.
  3. At £12.99, Burt’s Bees Body Butter came in at the most expensive of the four. It had a lovely fragrance without being too overpowering like some of the other butters. It looked like it had a thinner texture expected from a body butter but it absorbs well into the skin without being greasy. All in all it left skin feeling sillky smooth however the price tag is a bit of turn off being about half the size of the other body butters.
  4. Dirty Works Coconut Caress Body Butter at £4.99 was our middle of the range body butter.  It has a lovely fragrance if not a little overwhelming.  It is a light moisturiser but keeps your skin soft all day. The butter seemed a little greasy on first appearance and left a bit of an overpowering smell but all in all, it is good value for money. 

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