Secret Beauty Top Tips

Over here at boohoo HQ, we are always searching out those quick fix beauty tips that will make you look as amazing as our beautiful model looked, behind the scenes at our latest shoot.  So we have put together our latest top five tips so you can keep up to date with the latest beauty trends this season…

NUMBER ONE: A bold lip

Don’t be afraid of a bright lip colour.  Red is a great colour for both blondes and brunettes - Fair skin tones should opt for a lippy with blue toned crimson, medium to olive ladies can indulge in a red with orange undertones, and dark skinned girls get all the luck, being able to take their pick from light coral colours right through to berry shades.

NUMBER TWO: The quick nail dryer

Ever get annyoed waiting for your nails to dry? Or even worse, think that they have dried and smudge or all your hard work?  After a good nail art session, the worst thing you can do is scuff your nail masterpieces.  To hurry up the drying process, dip your nails into cold water and they will dry in no time!

NUMBER THREE: Tidy up that eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner can be tricky to apply.  If like us, you love doing a defined eye but don’t like the mess, don’t worry once you have applied your liner, dip your cotton wool bud into some water and run along your lash line to smarten it up.

NUMBER FOUR: Fix that hair

You have probably heard of mixing salt and water to spray on your hair to get the perfect tousled look.  But sugar water is the best natural hairspray. Mix a few teaspoons of sugar with a small cup of water, put into a spray bottle and style away. Whatever your hair-do is sure to do what it’s told with this top tip.

NUMBER FIVE: Lengthen those lashes

Destroyed your lashes with mascara? Fret not, apply almond oil to your lashes and they will grow back in no time.

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