The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide

Festival season is upon us and while we all love a good boogy when the sun is shining, when the heavens open, surviving in a tent with just your festival essentials is not always the easiest!  So we have put our heads together and come up with our five top tips for surviving festivals this year. 

RULE NUMBER ONE: Pack light!

If you are anything like us, ‘pack’ and ‘light’ are two words that are not to be used in the same sentence.  However, after years of lugging huge backpacks around festivals, experience has taught to cut down to your absolute essentials when packing.  Think about how you can work ten key items to make several looks.  Our latest BoohooTV shows how to do just this, mixing and matching key items into different looks! Don’t forget, a maxi dresses are not festival-friendly - they might be perfect in the sun but when the mud kicks they are not so chic!

RULE NUMBER TWO: Waterproof everything

Wellies are an essential and don’t forget you will be walking a long way so pack multiple pairs of socks. Rain ponchos are a must and don’t forget you will need layers for cool evenings so pack a jumper.  Once you have experienced a wash out at a festival, you will understand the importance of our next top tip: waterproof your underwear!  That is, place your underwear in a waterproof bag and you will be laughing when you get a tent leak. 


Forget frizzy and greasy hair and take hair serum and dry shampoo respectively.  Sun cream is a must, especially for those of you lucky enough to be travelling further afield this festival season. Showers can be a struggle, so don’t forget your baby wipes.  Mini bottles are always useful so don’t forget to pack a mini mouthwash, travel toothbrush and mini toothpaste.  Most importantly, it’s time for you to shine with your wackiest festival make up and hair looks, so get busy with nail art, glitter and lashes!

RULE NUMBER FOUR: Don’t take valuables

Between the potential rain, dancing and everything in between, the potential to lose or ruin valuables is high.  So instead take an old phone and a disposable camera to save any heartache.

RULE NUMBER FIVE: Accessories overload

Although festivals require you to pack lightly, you can never have too many accessories: they are light and will help create multiple festival looks from navajo to neon.  A cross-body bag is perfect for storing all of your essentials during the day.  Sunglasses are a must for sunny days and don’t forget to layer up your jewellery, headbands and any other accessories you so desire.  After all it’s festival season!

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