StyleCupid loves boohooMens

Top fashion blogger, StyleCupid has reviewed some of our hottest boohooMens nautical styles.  Read on to find out which looks he is loving this season…

Over to StyleCupid…Can you believe it’s hot? No really, can you actually believe it? Well given that today is the summer solstice I guess it’s about time. And as is always the case when the sun comes out - I crave three things: Choc Nut Cornettos to feast on, coconut smelling sun cream to douse myself in and lots and lots of summer nautical stripes to wear!

Should you share in the last of my summer cravings, is without doubt THE place to indulge. They’ve got an awesome selection of sailor inspired summer wear that’s refreshingly different to what you’d find on the high street, really nicely fitted and most importantly it’s really affordable. What’s more if you order before 7pm, they deliver the next day AND even do a 10% student discount - so you can gorge on even more Cornettos! Anyways, here’s a pick of my favourites.

This sailor tee with pocket is actually quite magic - I’ve got it in blue + white, and it even manages to make ME look like i’ve got proper biceps!

Probably my favourite festival jacket ever, this striped hooded Chambray jacket is perfect for a) being spotted in a crowd as you fight your way to the front of the stage, b) hiding inside when the clouds open and c) just pretending you’re a hot sailor! also have an awesome selection of denim shirts with pocket details - here’s my favourite:

And because, i really really really DO mean it when i say you can never have enough stripy tshirts, here’s another - this time a dip-dyed stripy tee - too good…

Soooooooooo go get your sailor on the way. The sun demands it!

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