Top tips for being party-ready this Prom

Whether you have a summer party or a school prom, we have some top tips to help you be party-ready!

Prom Essentials Checklist:

  • Double-sided tape is a great trick for ensuring your dress stays put, even when you’re busting out your best moves on the dance floor.
  • Make sure the shoes complement the style of your dress or suit, and, women, that the height of the heel is appropriate for the length of your dress and your date’s height. Keep in mind what surfaces you may have to walk on that night, and any possible stairs. And, don’t forget, you will most likely want to dance, above all. 
  • Once you buy your dress, shoes, and accessories (jewelry and purse), do a trial run on the entire look. Take a picture. Is this the finished look you were striving for?
  • Walk around in your shoes before the prom to break them in
  • Your prom shoes are totally on-trend and complement your dress (and your legs) beautifully, but let’s face it, blisters happen. have a few plasters to hand and sore feet will be a thing of the past, or at least take some of the pressure off your toes so you can make the most of the dance floor.

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