Make your own studded collar!

Embellished collars are huge news this season, with all sorts of studded, glittered and embellished designs hitting the runways. There’s great news for us cheap-skates too however: it’s so easy to DIY your own embellished collar that you can score some serious fashion points with one of your own without the hefty designer price tag!

For this look, I simply took this gorgeous Chambray Denim Shirt from boohoo and bought some push-in studs (I got mine from Afflecks palace in Manchester, but you can order them cheaply on Ebay, or even just use stud earrings). All I needed to do was decide on a design (handy hint…lay them out where you want them before starting studding so you don’t end up with holes in your shirt where you don’t want them!) and then simply push in the studs through the material and secure them underneath by bending over the prongs either just with your fingers, or with a closed pair of scissors for the spikier ones! I used a selection of different types and sizes of domed and hexagonal studs for this design, but it would look great with any shape or style, depending on the look you want. Flatter square studs could be used for a classier look, or spiked ones if you want to give it a punky edge!

There couldn’t be an easier and quicker way to bring your shirts into the new season, what are you waiting for? Get this season’s killer style with a simple DIY update to your shirt collars!

By fashion blogger Rosie Blake from RosieGlow

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