60 seconds with…KiD BRiTiSH

We caught up with Adio and Simeon from award winning music act KiD BRiTiSH while they checked out our new boohoo menswear range to find out what’s really best about being British.

Adio and Simeon are wearing boohooMENS throughout.   

Favourite hour of the day

Simeon: I don’t know…what time is Coronation Street on?!  Probably about 3.30am when there’s some random after party on somewhere.

Who would you want to play you in a film?

Adio: I would say Tyrese but I don’t think he’d do the job!  S:  I think I look a bit like Johnny Depp – I’ve got the same chiseled features.  A: Denzel Washington actually. He’d do.

Favourite place in the world:

A: I don’t think I’ve been there yet to know.  I’ve only been to a few places that I thought were amazing, but up until now I think Manchester is my favourite place.  S: Yeah same…actually Ibiza! Yeah Ibiza at half three in the morning!

Most envious of…

A: Not really envious of anyone.  S: Yeah there’s no point.  If you worry about envy then you don’t achieve what you want to achieve.

My mantra is…

A: Live life day by day thinking about the people you love, and make the most of it. Sounds a bit clichéd…S: Yeah but life is clichéd in a way isn’t it? You live and you die, that’s it. 

Clothes or Shoes?

A: Shoes maketh the man don’t they. S: Yeah, shoes!

The soundtrack to my life would include: S: Bit of Prince, Bob Marley, I’ve been listening to Moon River by a guy called Danny Williams too,  the way he sings it just makes me feel emotional.  A: I like The Smiths.

Fondest memory:  

S: The NME tour was cool it was the first tour where we all gelled together as a band. 

Most worn item of clothing in my wardrobe:

A: My glasses.  S:  I switch it up – I always wear this [his chain] and I always wear my ring which my mum got me for my 25th.

My style is…

A: My style is me.  It’s cool, laid back. Slightly out there but withdrawn at the same time.  S:  Mine depends on the weather!

The best thing about being British is… Adio: The weather. Simeon: Yeah we get so excited when a bit of sun comes out - out come the shorts and vests!

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