The Couples Style Off!

Ever wondered what what your other half would like to see you wear?  We asked three couples to style each other and here they show you how to wear boohoo their way!

Couple Number One: Hollie, 25 was amazed when boyfriend Mark, 27 pulled it out of the bag and went girly styling with the Tessa Swan Dress.  Hollie went preppy for Mark with chinos, shirt and tan brogues.  But what did they have to say?

  • How did you meet? On a group holiday in France.
  • How long have you been together for? 9 months
  • How would you describe your style? Hollie: Casual with subtle styling. Mark: Kind of preppy – I’m not sure how to describe it!
  • Favorite item in your wardrobe: Hollie: my white blazer, it helps to make any casual outfit look smart and stylish! Mark: Probably my green trousers, I like a bit of colour!
  • Favorite things about one another?: Hollie: His enthusiasm for trying new things, his ambition and love of travelling. Mark: Hollie is so laid back, she sees the funny side in every situation.

Couple Number Two: Briony, 18 chose cool styling for boyfriend Andrew, 19 with chinos, an aztec tee and hoodie while Briony was impressed with Andrew’s choice of cross leggings and colour pop heels!  Read on to find out more…

  • How did you meet? At a party
  • How long have you been together? 18 months
  • How would you describe your style? Briony: Colourful, urban and funky with lots of denim! Andrew: Urban, but casual
  • Favorite item in your wardrobe? Briony: My denim jacket! Andrew: I love my black coat
  • Favorite things about one another? Briony: He makes me laugh. Andrew: her eyes!

Couple Number Three: Georgia, 16 and Ola, 20 both love fashion so styling each other was a walk in the park!  Ola went for a double denim look for Georgia with the Amelia shorts while Georgia chose cool summer layering for Ola with an American tank

  • How did you meet? In work
  • How long have you been together? 3 months
  • How would you describe your style? Georgia: Classy but with an edgy twist. Ola: Very eclectic, but mostly colourful and on trend
  • Favorite Item in Your Wardrobe: Georgia: My blazer. Ola: Pirate boots
  • Favorite things about one another? Georgia: She has great teeth! Ola: I like his eyes

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