Our favourite nail art blogger, Emma from Boom Nails has created some pretty in pink nails exclusively for boohoo that are sure to turn heads in this Spring/ Summer!   Team with pastel hues and floral prints this Spring for a look that will brighten up your transitional wardrobe!

Over to Emma:

  • STEP ONE: Do a base coat
  • STEP TWO: Two coats of a pale pink nail varnish. I used a No7 one called Pinky Pure
  • STEP THREE: Use a white nail art pen to do a dot at the base of your nail. Do another dot joining on to that, and so on until you have a vertical line of white dots going down the length of your nail.
  • STEP FOUR: Repeat! Carry on until you have lots of lines going across your nail, all made up of dots.
  • STEP FIVE: I think they look quite nice like this, but to make them (slightly!) resemble sequins, I wanted to put a glitter nail polish over the top. If you prefer them without glitter then at this stage just put a topcoat on! If not, do a layer of glitter over the top.
  • Hope you liked the tutorial! Emma x
  • STEP FIVE: Do this on all of your nails

And voila you have perfect pink nails!

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