The Perfect Fake Eyelashes

Our boohoo fans asked us to test out false eyelashes for our next review and we listened!  Check out the results to see which of the six eyelashes we tested came out on top. 

First up were the Katy Perry Eyelashes at £5.95.  These lashes are not for the faint hearted, however once applied, they give lovely volume.  The instructions were very clear and helpful and the glue wasn’t noticeable once dried but they did start to peel after around 5 hours.  All in all they were very comfy and easy to apply.

Next up came the Maria Long Length False Eyelashes by Impulse.  At £4.00, these lashes lasted the course of the day and came with very clear instructions.  You needed to reapply a little glue towards the end of the day but all in all they felt very light and were easy to apply.  At £4, they were by far the best value for money.

Girl’s Aloud beauty, Kimberly’s Eyelure Lashes came in at third place.  At £5.39, they were very light and lasted the course of the day.  However glue had to be reapplied in the corner of the eye after a few hours.  A plus side of the lashes were the clear instructions and ease of application with the strip being so thin and lightweight.

Eyelure Lash 107 at £5.35 lasted all day.  The lashes were easy to apply and had clear instructions.  However drawbacks included having to reapply glue after a few hours and topping up eyeliner along the upper lash line to hide the glue.

At £5.20, the Ardell Fashion Lashes came with clear and helpful instructions. However the glue wasn’t great as the lashes kept coming away from the curve of your inner eye and once applied the glue became very obvious on the eye.

MAC lashes at £10.00 were the most expensive of all the eyelashes.  They did last the course of the day and were easy to apply but came without instructions.  To apply the lashes they needed a slight trim and ended up being very heavy.  Glue was not included in the lashes so all in all they weren’t worth the extra pennies. 

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