Neon and Monochrome Boom Nails Step One and Two Step Three Step Four Step Four Step Five Step Five Step Six

Nail art extraodinaires, Boom Nails have created monochrome nails with a neon pop exclusively for boohoo! Perfect for a night out, why don’t you give these nails a go?

Over to the expert:

  • STEP ONE: As always, do a base coat! I used Barry M.
  • STEP TWO: Two coats of a white nail polish. I used a Revlon one called White On White.
  • STEP THREE: Using a neon yellow nail art pen, make a triangle shape at the base of your nail. Do the outlines first at then fill it in.
  • STEP FOUR: Repeat the process for all of your nails!
  • STEP FIVE: Now for the monochrome stripes! Use a black nail art pen to draw verticle stripes coming out of the triangles at the base of your nail. Be careful to not get black inside your yellow triangles!
  • STEP SIX: Fill in every other stripe with black
  • STEP SEVEN: Do this on all of your nails
  • STEP EIGHT: To finish, put a good quality topcoat over all your nails. Seche Vite is the one I use. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed the tutorial. Let me know what you think by tweeting me! @BoomNails

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