Meet the girls that make up one of the biggest up and coming girl bands, StooShe: Courtney (middle), Alexandra (left) and Karis (right).  We spoke to the girls last week to hear what they have to say about their style, music and what they are up to next!  

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1. Can you explain the meaning behind the name StooShe?

  • A: There are loads of different meanings of the word “stoosh” like mystery. Then we added the “she” for girl power.
  • C: Although, we have noticed that there is now a definition for “stooshe” which means causing havoc! Maybe they were talking about us!

2. What can fans expect from your new album Swings & Roundabouts and when will it be released?

  • A: The album is out in June! Woooop!
  • K: It’s an eclectic mix of so many different genres including pop, RnB, funk, urban pop… a bit of everything
  • C: We all have really different influences so that comes across in our music.

3. Were you into performing before you joined the band?

  • K: We all have musical backgrounds; I went to The Brit School but was originally trained as a ballet dancer. Singing is definitely my love now. Alex’s mum is a singer, so Alex used to perform with her mum’s band and Courtney went to a stage school before she joined the band, so we all knew we wanted to do music one day!

4. You all look so stylish in your videos and pictures.  Where do you get your style inspiration from?

  • A: We all have very different personalities so our style is just based on ourselves, like Karis is very girly with a love for the 50s era but she has an urban edge and 18 tattoos! Courtney is very retro and quirky with her style. And I love being all glammed up with the whole 90s supermodel look. We like to mix both vintage and high street together.

5. What about musical influences? Are you more into the oldies than current trends?

  • C: Me and Alex are very similar in our musical influences and like Diana Ross & The Supremes, The Temptations, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston whereas Karis is really into rap but also is influenced by the likes of the Spice Girls and TLC.

6. What is the band’s dream for the future?

  • Stooshe: We just want to continue having fun making music and having a good time. Hopefully we can gain chart success and awards along the way by just being ourselves, living by no rules is our future!

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