How to Apply False Lashes

Step One: Make sure your make-up is completed before you apply your lashes.  A handy hint for those of you who have a steady hand is to apply your lashes before you apply your eyeliner.  If not line your eyes before your lashes.  Once you are happy with your make up, measure the lashes against your eye and trim if necessary.

Step Two: Now apply eyelash glue above your upper lash line and wait thirty seconds until the glue becomes tacky.

Step Three: Look down and hold the eyelashes against your upper lash line. Press gently along the lash line for a few seconds to ensure they are secure.

Step Four: Finish off with some mascara on your lower lash line.  To cover up any white glue showing on your upper lash line, use some liquid eyeliner.  And voila, you  are ready to go!

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