International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day we put our heads together to think of our top five inspirational women and here’s who we came up with:

1. Lady Gaga has changed the world of music for the better, bringing art into music.  However, its’ not just her music that is affected by art, she reinvents herself almost on a daily basis reflecting her artistic mood in her fashion choices.  More importantly she is a strong voice for women as well as for the gay community.

2. Stella McCartney could have easily been just another famous daughter of a famous musician.  Instead, she has carved out her own successful careers as a world renowned designer whilst juggling daily responsibilities of being a mum to four kiddies.

3. Shirin Ebadi is a truely inspirational and incredibly bold woman as Iran’s first female judge, founder of the Human Rights Defenders Centre as well as the first Muslim woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

4. Katie Piper is a truely aspiratonal woman who overcame incredible challenges as the victim of an acid attack which resulted in severe burns to her face as well as blinding of her left eye.  Through her work with channel 4, she has brought huge amount of awareness to burn victims and her latest programme, ‘Katie: My Beautiful Friends’ shows how she has helped people with disfigurements live normal lives.

5. Michelle Obama, not just the wife of the most powerful man in the world, since Obama’s inauguration she has inspired the world with her charity work.  More recently, she founded ‘Let’s Move’, a foundation which aims to improve the health of future genreations of USA with an inspirational keep fit campaign.

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