False Lashes are a Christmas Hit Heather Extra Length False Eyelashes

Here at boohoo.com, our party outfits feel a little bare with a killer lash! Having evolved greatly since their 1960’s heyday, false lashes are having a moment. Fluttering fans include the Kardashians, Girls Aloud and The Saturday’s, with every star gracing red carpet events sporting a pair. 

Our motto is bigger is better (this boohoo girl has even been known to don 3 pairs on a night out), and our Heather Extra Length False Eyelashes are an absolute steal at £4. Light to wear and easy to apply, the lashes are contact lens friendly too. A full shape, they add drama and definition to your peepers. 

Many brands recommend applying the set after make-up, but if your prone to cosmetic blunders, apply before eye make-up. Here’s our guide.

1. Lift the lashes gently from the plastic with tweezers, and check against your eye length, trimming if necessary.

2. Apply a layer of adhesive to the lash band, and leave for 10 seconds to allow the glue to become tacky. 

3. Using the tweezers, place the lashes along your own upper lash line, securing at the corners, and if needs be dry with a hairdryer on a low heat. 

4. Apply liquid liner to blend the join, and loads of mascara. Head over to boohoo.com to get your lashes and a brilliant party outfit for the festive period! 

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