All That Glitters..

The boohoo girls have always prided themselves on having the latest fashions, well this week we’re also bringing you a review of glitter eyeliners…’cus you know glitter is a girl’s best friend!

1.Mac’s Superslick Liquid Eyeliner, £15.

I really liked the fact that this product looked like a pen on first glance, but once I opened it up I found that the wand was longer than the tube with the product in! Nevertheless, the brush allowed for great precision, it felt really nice on and it dried quickly. Perfect for that subtle shimmery look but not for £15! 6/10.

2. Gosh Extreme Art Eyeliner, £6.99.

I was quite excited about this eyeliner. The colour and shimmer looked gorgeous in the tube and it didn’t lose it’s effect once I put it on. It went on really easily, dried quickly and lasted all night! My only problem was that it could have had a bit more glitter in it, but that was it! 7/10

3. Boujois Clubbing Liner, £5.99.

The brush was amazing on this product, the thin brush gave me amazing precision to apply the product. The colour was really vivid, but it wasn’t as glittery as the name and packaging had lead me to believe. It didn’t budge the whole time I was wearing it, so definitely great value for money! 6/10

4. Too Faced Starry Eyed Eyeliner, £14.

I was really impressed to begin with. In the flesh the glitter looked amazing, and gave a classy, party look. But once I started snapping, the effect didn’t come across in the same way on my pictures. But it didn’t stop me giving it 8/10!

5. Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner £2.99.

I tried the Night Fever shade which is a really vivid electric blue shade. It wasn’t the easiest to put on as the glitter tended to be a bit clumpy. Saying that the finished result was an amazing impact of colour and glitter - although it wasn’t as polished looking as the others it did dry quickly and stay on, which was amazing for £2.99! 6/10.

6. Barry M Glitter Liquid Eyeliner, £4.99.

This looked really glittery in the tube, but I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when I put it on. I had to use quite a bit to build up the glitter affect I’d achieved quickly with the others. So with that said I think it probably wouldn’t last very long, but for under a fiver I wasn’t complaining with the result! I actually quite liked the subtle shimmer after a while which was more me that some of the brighter shades. 5/10.

So our winner was Too Faced! Although it’s bit more expensive than the others I will definately be dazzling on the dancefloor with it at the office party!

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